Transform Tox Testing Challenge carries $500K prize

Earlier this month, the ASBMB headquarters got an email from the promoters of the Transform Tox Testing Challenge, a competition with a $500,000 prize “for ideas that help innovate current toxicity testing methods.”

The email said, in part:

Since current high-throughput screening (HTS) assays do not fully incorporate chemical metabolism, they may miss chemicals that are metabolized to a more toxic form.  Adding metabolic competence to HTS assays will help researchers more accurately assess effects of chemicals and better protect human health.  That’s why the EPA, NTP and NCATS are excited to announce the Transform Tox Testing Challenge, which seeks to find an innovative solution to retrofit HTS assays with chemical metabolic competence and fill this critical gap in environmental science and technology.

If this challenge interests you, visit There you can register for two Q&A webinars. The first is this week, Feb. 24, and the other is March 25.

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