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Malcolm Ludgate, Director of Photography for Hidden Universe, filming ALMA in Chile's arid Atacama Desert. Hidden Universe was released in IMAX® theatres and giant-screen cinemas around the globe and produced by the Australian production company December Media in association with Film Victoria, Swinburne University of Technology, MacGillivray Freeman Films and ESO.

This could be you (Photo credit: Malcolm Ludgate/ESO)

By Jai Ranganathan

Scientists: Do you want to learn how to tell the public about your science through video? Do you want to have the skills to put together compelling short videos? SciFund Challenge, an outreach-focused nonprofit, is offering a new online class on video production for scientists.

Join the SciFund Challenge community for our course aimed at helping scientists get started with video. Over 5 weeks from mid-May to mid-June, we’ll demystify the business of communicating science through video. We’ll equip you with the tools and confidence you need to get started.   Plus, at the end of the class, you’ll have completed a short video about your research (perfect for your website or YouTube).

Our course is a little different than many online courses. This class, like all SciFund Challenge classes, is highly focused on collaboration between class participants. This connection by scientists across the globe and across disciplines makes our classes extremely engaging and allows participants to make rapid progress. It also makes our classes fun!

Best of all, no prior experience with outreach or video production is expected for class participants. Beginners are encouraged to jump in.

One of the instructors of the course is Elliot Lowndes, a wildlife videographer and photographer with shooting experience all over the world. To give you a taste of that experience, check out his highlight reel:

So what kind of videos do class participants create in our class? Great question! Here’s one example: a video created by Dr. Kristen Weiss, a participant in our class during its last go-round.

To make videos, you’ll obviously need a video camera. To minimize costs for class participants, the video camera that participants will be using is a smartphone (as many people already own them and they are capable of capturing great video, under the right conditions).

The deadline for applying for the class is May 14th. Interested in learning more? Check out the class announcement!

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