Nominate yourself or a colleague for the Passion in Science Awards

Here’s an opportunity to nominate yourself or a co-worker for awards program that honors scientists who use their bench skills for unique pursuits.

The Passion in Science Awards were established in 2014 in honor of New England Biolabs’ 40th year of operation.

They recognize important work in four areas:

  • scientific mentorship and advocacy,
  • environmental stewardship,
  • humanitarian efforts and
  • artistic expression.

Past winners have identified the remains of migrants who perished on their way to the United States, mentored disabled students, utilized 3-D printing to teach the visually impaired about science, and taught vaccine-making to researchers in the developing world.  (Read about past winners.)

The deadline for nominations and self-nominations is July 31.

Each winner receives a paid trip to a celebration at New England Biolab’s campus in Massachusetts and either a $1,000 donation in his or her name to a charity or a $1,000 grant for travel to a scientific conference.

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