Neurobiology of Disease Workshop at Neuroscience 2016

On November 11, 2016, in San Diego, the Society for Neuroscience will host the 2016 Neurobiology of Disease Workshop. The workshop provides an in-depth overview of diseases of the nervous system and draws largely from the biochemistry and cell biology fields. This year’s session is co-organized by Dr. Heidi McBride of McGill University and Dr. Giovanni Manfredi from Weill Cornell Medical College. The course focuses on mitochondria and is titled: “From Pediatric Encephalopathy to Alzheimer’s: Linking Mitochondria with Neurological Disease” (draft agenda is hyperlinked). The session description follows:

The last decade has seen an explosion in our understanding of the cell biology of mitochondria, and has provided a renewed understanding of their contribution to neurological diseases ranging from pediatric encephalomyopathies to Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, and others. In this workshop, leading experts will provide a better understanding of the etiology of mitochondrial diseases, the importance of mitochondrial plasticity within brain function, the mechanisms of mitochondrial motility in neurons, the critical importance of mitochondrial contacts with other organelles for the flux of metabolites, and the mitochondrial quality control pathways that ensure cellular survival.

The day-long workshop includes a physician-led presentation of a patient with a disease covered during the workshop, lectures by experts in the field, and small-group discussions between faculty and participants. It’s an excellent training and networking experience for a very reasonable registration fee of $40, which includes breakfast, lunch, and a reception for all participants and faculty. Registration information can be accessed here; those interested do not need to register for the full SfN Annual Meeting, but instead can just select “Workshop Attendee Only” under Step 4: Registration Options. Priority registration will be given to students and postdocs until August 8, after which faculty may register for the workshop.

Finally, two additional day-long courses that may also be of interest to the ASBMB training community are SfN’s Scientific Short Courses, also held in San Diego on Friday, November 11. Short Course 1, “Using Single Cell Genomics to Analyze Neurons, Glia and Circuits,” is being led by Dr. Steve McCarroll of Harvard University, and Short Course 2,”Data Science and Data Skills for Neuroscientists,” is being organized by Dr. Konrad Kording of Northwestern University and Dr. Alyson Fletcher of UCLA. For those interested in attending either of these courses, they can register here using the same procedure as the Neurobiology of Disease Workshop.

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