New guide on R01 grant writing

Competitive R01 Grant_Dey-GerhardtSK Dey, Ph.D., and Katie Gerhardt, B.A., have co-authored a guide entitled “How to Write a Competitive R01 Grant.”  

The authors highlight the importance of making a commitment to this intensive and consuming work long before postdoctoral fellowships conclude. The sections progress through the different stages of self-evaluation and drafting an application, from the conception of the idea and testing of the waters to writing, polishing and submitting the proposal. Each main stage is broken down into conversational paragraphs and bullet points so investigators can easily access relevant sections throughout the writing process. The guide concludes with an example of a successful R01 application, pulled from Dey’s own National Institutes of Health records.

The co-authors began working together when Gerhardt joined the Reproductive Sciences Division at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Gerhardt is a recent graduate from Hollins University, interested in writing, editing, and science policy and effect trends within the research and academic communities. Dey is a professor of pediatrics and a division director, with previous positions at Vanderbilt University and Kansas University Medical Center. He has spent the past four decades devoted to research and has contributed significant findings to our knowledge of molecular mechanisms of implantation biology. Supporting young professionals, whether they be aspiring investigators or support staff, through mentoring and sensible policy and institutional support is a core principle he strives to emulate in his lab, especially in this time of financial and professional scarcity in fields of academic research.

Young investigators working within the United States are the target audience for this guide, but the content could be applied to any grant for any career stage. The guide emphasizes the necessity of ingenuity, passion and integrity throughout the process of developing and submitting a proposal.

This title is available for purchase through Springer-Nature.


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