Apply for the Woodrow Wilson Career Enhancement Adjunct Faculty Fellowship

By Dawn Hayward | Sept. 27, 2016

The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation is seeking applications for the Woodrow Wilson Career Enhancement Adjunct Faculty Fellowship.

This program allows fellows the opportunity to work alongside tenure-track faculty members to push forward the problems facing the nation today.

Applicants must hold at least a Ph.D. in the sciences or humanities at the time of application.

Each fellow will receive a $10,000, six-month stipend and will be assigned a mentor to aid in carrying out research. He or she also will be required to teach one class.

Applications are due Nov. 11. Winners will be announced in January. Fellows will begin their assignments in June.

Further details can be found  here.

Dawn Hayward is a graduate student in the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine’s pharmacology and molecular sciences department.

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