Take this survey about what motivates scientists

The University of Notre Dame is conducting a study of motivations and values among scientists. Each participant will receive a $10 gift card to Starbucks or Amazon after completing the survey.

Your responses will make an important contribution to our understanding of how people develop their career paths and of the roles of personal characteristics in scientific pursuits.

The survey is part of a larger study examining motivations and values in science. The survey is being directed by Darcia Narvaez with the assistance of Tim Reilly.

Please follow this link to complete the complete the consent and enter the survey.

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  • Bereket Zekarias

    I do science because it has an immense capacity to alleviate human suffering. Coming from a country where countless lives are lost each year because of diseases, I want to contribute my share in reducing human pain and untimely death.

  • Former Labrat

    To get an accurate picture, you should also talk to people who have left bench science for moral reasons- which is the situation with me.

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