An open letter to an undergraduate chemistry student

By Dawn Hayward | Oct. 11, 2016

Polymer Solutions blog recently posted a letter to undergraduate students in chemistry giving excellent advice on how to succeed as a new student.

It emphasizes individuality, hard work and “embracing your inner nerd.”

But no matter if you are an undergrad or even graduate student in science, this no-nonsense, can-do attitude is essential in navigating the world while becoming a scientist.

Here’s an excerpt:

Your professor may single you out for being five minutes late to class, never minding the fact that you just got done pulling an overnight shift stocking shelves at Wal-Mart to help pay your way through school. Or, you are penalized for missing an exam because you were up all night with a sick, crying child and it wasn’t considered a valid excuse.

Read the full letter here.

Dawn Hayward is a graduate student in the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine’s pharmacology and molecular sciences department.

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