Make a world of difference and virtually mentor a student today!

Educurious is excited to announce the start of the fall 2016 virtual mentorship cycle!

Requests for caring and supportive mentors like you are coming in from all across the United States. We currently have 60-plus volunteer positions available to virtually mentor high school students in Washington, Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, Oklahoma and more. These opportunities are flexible, short-term and ongoing commitments for volunteers with passion for science and education.

Duties may include one or more of the following:

  • Beam into a class to do a question and answer session for students or to give a presentation.
  • Give students feedback and guidance on classroom assignments and projects.
  • Share with students on discussion boards your professional background, career advice, and information about your field to set them on the path toward success.

Mentoring a student is an incredibly rewarding and meaningful experience for students and volunteers alike. The bonus of virtual mentorship is that it allows you the flexibility to give back at a time that best fits your own schedule. For more information, please contact Program Assistant Matthew Ridgeway at

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