Webcast on March 8: Academia and the Private Sector – an Odd Couple?

On Wednesday, March 8, the Lasker Foundation will host a career-development seminar with Dr. Regis Kelly, executive director of the University of California biohub QB3, as part of the Lasker Lessons in Leadership series that provides career and leadership advice to young and aspiring scientists.

All are invited to participate via the webcast.

Kelly will provide career and leadership advice for M.D./Ph.D. students, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows. Kelly and QB3 are known for bringing pioneering biomedical research to market.

The QB3 innovation team converts discoveries into practical benefits for society. As director, Kelly helped launch two QB3-associated companies, a life sciences startup incubator, and Mission Bay Capital, a venture fund.

The Lasker Lessons in Leadership is a collaboration with the International Biomedical Research Alliance and the National Institutes of Health  Oxford-Cambridge Scholars Program.

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