Submit your abstract for the Annual Biotechnology Congress

The Annual Biotechnology Congress will be held from Aug. 17–18 in Toronto, Canada. This global gathering covers the latest trends through keynote speeches, thematic scientific papers and poster presentations. The congress has an extensive technical program and eminent speakers on all aspects of biotechnology.

The congress offers:

  • master forums
  • best poster awards
  • best startup awards
  • workshops
  • research symposia

Below are the congress’ tracks:

  1. Biochemistry
  2. Molecular Biology
  3. Biomedical Engineering
  4. Agricultural Biotechnology
  5. Animal biotechnology
  6. Food Processing & Technology
  7. Industrial Biotechnology 
  8. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  9. Environmental biotechnology
  10. Genetic & Tissue Engineering
  11. Nano Biotechnology
  12. Bioinformatics
  13. Biotechnology investments and Biotechnology Grants

Find out more, and submit your abstract! 


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