Science Breakthroughs 2030: A Strategy for Food and Agriculture Research

Science Breakthoughs 2030: A Strategy for Food and Agriculture Research is a study of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine to identify the next big research directions for food and agriculture sciences. A committee of experts will examine knowledge and tools from across the science and engineering spectrum. The primary goal of this study is to develop a compelling scientific strategy for food and agriculture research for the next decade and beyond that will not only catalyze new research directions and partnerships, but also attract new research talent, stimulate entrepreneurship, increase and diversify funding opportunities, and open new paths to a safe, healthful, and sustainable food supply.

We need you. 

The success of this year long project hinges on the ingenuity of scientists from all disciplinary backgrounds. Whether the building blocks for cells and synthetic materials or the dynamic processes that govern earth or human communities, every field of research has the potential to stimulate transformations in the food and agriculture system. Please become part of our Science Breakthroughs 2030 community.

How can you help?  Join us at one of our free public events!

We are holding several public workshops and discussions to gather and refine research “moonshot” ideas.  The link to register and more details about these events are available on our website. Please join us!

 Town Hall and 2nd Committee Meeting, August 8, 2017; Washington, D.C.

Breakthroughs Jamboree and Science Working Group Discussions, October 2-5, 2017; Irvine, C.A.

How else can you help?  Please become part of our online brainstorming community!

Science Breakthroughs 2030 is using IdeaBuzz, an online platform to build a creative community, to share and discuss scientific pathways to create new opportunities or address major challenges in the food and agriculture system. All submitted ideas may be reviewed by members of the study committee, will be listed in the project’s public access record, and have the potential to be quoted in the study committee’s final report.

We also invite you to follow our journey on Facebook and Twitter through the hashtag #ScienceBreakthroughs.

We look forward to meeting you and hearing about the ways in which the power of biochemistry and molecular biology can be harnessed to lead to the next breakthroughs in food and agriculture science.

If you have any questions about our upcoming events, resources you’d like to share, or any other related thoughts, please feel free to email us at


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