Científico Latino: A resource for underrepresented minorities and all STEM students

Científico Latino is a growing platform created by STEM graduate students aiming to improve diversity in STEM and to encourage minority students to pursue higher education by providing resources to all undergraduates and graduate students in STEM. Their vision is to expand awareness of its platform across high schools, community colleges, underrepresented-serving institutions, colleges and universities, and professional societies in STEM in order for everyone, regardless of their ethnicity, gender, or immigration status to have equal access to STEM opportunities and know they belong in STEM.

The website regularly updates its list of fellowships and scholarships for both undergraduates and graduate students, it contains sample personal statements and curriculum vitae for graduate school applications and fellowships. The site also features successful faculty and students, and blog posts related to being a professional in STEM. The website focuses on providing pertinent information for underrepresented students, but the site contains resources for everyone.

The Científico Latino team is composed of undergraduate and graduate students at Yale University, Rockefeller University and CITY University of New York as well as faculty advisor Enrique M. De La Cruz, Professor in the Department of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry (MB&B) and Head of Branford College at Yale University. The team is always looking to expand, check out available positions here: Find other ways to get involved here:

Follow Científico Latino on Facebook ( and Twitter (, and join the Facebook group ( to network with STEM professionals at the undergraduate and graduate levels.


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