Survey for undergrad biochem lab instructors

Paul Craig of┬áRochester Institute of Technology requests the community’s input.

Dear Colleagues,

Starting in 2015, a team of faculty on eight campuses developed BASIL, a course-
based undergraduate research experience (CURE) biochemistry lab that is focused
on protein function prediction (see Students work in
teams, sometimes across courses and even across campuses, with computational
tools to predict protein function, then move to the wet lab to express and purify
the proteins, and then test their predicted functions using enzyme activity assays.
Neither the faculty nor the students know the actual function of these proteins, so
it is truly discovery-based work, which may be suitable for presentation at
conferences and publication in the literature. The approach is flexible but is
designed around a one-semester Intro to Biochemistry lab (14 weeks, one 4-hour
period per week).

To further expand upon the BASIL project, we are interested in the design,
production, and commercialization of educational kits for use in the laboratory
component of this undergraduate biochemistry lab course. These kits will contain
all of the materials and resources needed for the proper instruction of the main
topics typically taught in these courses. These topics include, but are not limited
to, protein expression and purification, determination of protein concentration,
characterization of protein function by in vitro assay, an introduction to protein
structure, and bioinformatics techniques. The purpose of this survey is to gauge
your receptiveness and usefulness of these kits for an undergraduate biochemistry
lab curriculum.

Here is the link to the anonymous survey:

Please email me at if you have any questions or concerns.

Paul Craig
Rochester Institute of Technology

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