Enter to win the Sartorius and Science Prize for Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy

By Brad Stubenhaus 

The Sartorius Group, a pharmaceutical equipment provider, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science, publisher of the journal Science, have combined forces to offer a prize to young scientists who are no more than 10 years removed from having earned their Ph.D.s.

The application consists mainly of a 1,000-word essay describing the candidate’s research to date. First prize wins publication of the essay in the journal Science (!), $25,000 (!!) and, most importantly, a funny looking trophy for the bookshelf in your office (!!!).

The application opened on April 1 and will close on Oct. 1.

Eligible fields include regenerative medicine, cell therapy, gene therapy, immunotherapy, materials and tissue engineering.

For more information, visit https://promotions.sartorius.com/passionforscience/sartorius-and-science-prize/.

This is a great way to promote basic and translational science and an incredible opportunity for young investigators. Well worth a look.

Brad Stubenhaus earned his M.S. in cell biology from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. His research background is in planarian pigment cell biology and brain organoids. He lives in Baltimore, Md., where he is a fundraiser for the ASPCA.

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