Apply for travel awards for BMB meeting in Kuala Lumpur

UPDATE: We’ve learned that the deadline for this has been changed to Feb. 28.

In today’s mailbag was a press release about the forthcoming Young Scientists Program (YSP 2019) coming up in August in Malaysia. This program seems to be part of the 27th FAOBMB-44th MSBMB Conference.

Here are some key details  (emphasis mine) excerpted from the program’s website:

  • “We encourage all PhD candidates and early career scientists to submit their applications for the YSP Travel Fellowships. The fellowship contributes towards partial or full traveling expenses. The awardees will participate in the YSP at no cost and will be exempted from the costs of registration and accommodation for the (conference).”
  • “All of the awardees must present their work at YSP by both oral communications and posters. These posters will be also displayed during the 27th FAOBMB & 44th MSBMB Conference.”
  • “Applicants should: Be registered PhD candidates or early career scientists of not more than 10 years post-graduate experienceBe a member of an approved IUBMB-related national or international society. The national society will normally also be affiliated with a regional federation such as FEBS (Europe), FASBMB (Africa), PABMB (North & South America), and FAOBMB (Asia & Oceania).”

If this piques your interest, just know that the deadline to submit a fellowship application and abstract is Jan. 31 Feb. 28.

Learn more about the program and conference.

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