Apply for NIH’s summer internship program ASAP

Undergraduates and graduate students interested in working at the National Institutes of Health this summer should start whipping up their applications now (if they haven’t already).

While the deadline for applications isn’t until March 1, check out this tidbit from the program website:  “Data for 2017 indicate that applicants who submit their materials in the first two weeks have a success rate almost 3 times greater than those who submit during the 2 weeks just before the deadline.” So, if you’re interested in participating in this highly competitive program, you have no time to spare.

Interns work with world-class researchers for at least eight weeks in the summer, starting in May or June. The application asks that candidates identify research projects that interest them. To help interns settle in and make connections, the agency offers orientation, group activities, and lectures.

Watch this video to learn about applying:

Also, if you or someone you know is a Native American who’d like to participate in the internship program featured in this ASBMB Today article, please put them in touch with Rita Devine.

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