Enter this science-themed diorama contest by March 30

Those of us at the ASBMB headquarters are fans of the Washington Post’s annual Peeps diorama contest, so we were psyched to hear that The Open Notebook is organizing a science-themed version.

In case you’re unfamiliar with The Open Notebook, it does a great job of pulling the curtain back when it comes to science storytelling. Science journalists share their processes for certain stories. Veteran editors and writers provide advice on craft. It’s a great resource for both emerging and experienced science communicators.

So, if you’re interested in translating your passions for science, stories and sugar, we hope you’ll participate in TON’s diorama contest. The submission window opens Feb. 15, which apparently is when Peeps will become widely available in stores. You’ll need to take photos of your creation and upload them to the contest site, once the form is available.

If your submission has a biochemistry and molecular biology flavor to it, we hope you’ll also post it on Twitter and tag @ASBMB so that we can share it. But, be warned: The ASBMB staff is in it to win it!

Image credit: Evan-Amos on Wikimedia Commons


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