Workshop on single-cell and single-molecule tools in March

The National Academies is putting on a two-day workshop in early March titled “The Promise of Single Cell and Single Molecule Analysis Tools to Advance Environmental Health Research.” Those in the D.C. area can attend in person at the NAS building near the National Mall. Those elsewhere can stream it online.

You can read about the impetus for the workshop, to be held March 7–8, and register here.

Below are some of the questions (excerpted) that the organizers plan to address:

1. What does single cell and single molecule analysis enable researchers to do better, for example in terms of precision, accuracy, and speed?

2. What kinds of environmental health questions or challenges could be explored with single cell and single molecule detection tools and analysis?

3. What are the key goals to advance or improve single cell and single molecule tools, particularly as they pertain to environmental health research and decision needs?

4. What are the key barriers or limitations to the use of data emerging from the use of single cell and single molecule detection tools, for example in terms standards, comparability across technologies, and the limit of detection uncertainties?

The Twitter hashtag is going to be #ESEHDWorkshop.

Photo by Patrick Hendry via Unsplash, chosen because it reminds the editor of her terribly polluted hometown.

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