Free epigenomics workshop at Van Andel Research Institute

Our pal Erica Gobrogge, a postdoc affairs specialist at the Van Andel Research Institute in Michigan, brought to our attention that VARI is now accepting applications from graduate students for its weeklong epigenomics workshop. The deadline is May 1.

The workshop, to be held July 29 through Aug. 2 in Grand Rapids, will have a keynote talk by Manolis Kellis of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and presentations by more than two dozen others.

ASBMB members on the speaker lineup include:

To be clear, the workshop isn’t for VARI doctoral students. Rather, it’s for those at other institutions who’ve completed their comprehensive exams.

Here are the application requirements.

Earlier this year, ASBMB Today contributor George Van Den Driessche, a graduate research assistant at North Carolina State University, wrote about his experience at VARI’s workshop on cryo-EM. Read about it here.

Also, in case you missed it, ASBMB’s careers blogger, Donna Kridelbaugh wrote about jobs in epigenetics and epigenomics just last week over on the jobs blog.

Finally, the ASBMB is partnering with the Biophysical Society of China to present a symposium titled Interplay Between Epigenetic Regulation and Genome Integrity from Oct. 20–24 in Beijing. Registration for this five-day symposium opens April 1. The abstract deadline is Aug. 30. Here’s the meeting website. Travel awards are available for postdocs and grad students.

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