Apply now for travel award for conference for early-career scholars

We were pleased to learn from former ASBMB staffer Chris Pickett (now director of Rescuing Biomedical Research) about a brand new meeting exclusively for early-career scholars. Brown University’s Dr. Samuel M. Nabrit Conference will be held June 6 and 7 in Providence.

If you want to be considered for a travel award or oral presentation, you must submit your application by April 29.

Here’s the application form.

We’re also jazzed to see that ASBMB member Enrique De La Cruz of Yale University will be a keynote speaker, alongside Karine Gibbs of Harvard University.

On the agenda: short talks, poster presentations, a panel discussion titled “Finding the Right Home for Your Research Career: Where Does Diversity Fit In?” and a round-table discussion titled Starting On a Successful Path: Overcoming Barriers and Making Decisions.”

Learn more.

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