Gearing up for #ASBMBgeneXP meeting this month in Michigan

The ASBMB’s special symposium Evolution and Core Processes in Gene Expression will be held May 9–12 in East Lansing, Mich. While registration for the meeting is closed, we expect a flurry of activity on Twitter for those of you who want to follow along from home.

According to the organizers (listed below), the meeting will focus on “connections between gene expression and evolution, bringing in new aspects of plant genomics and computational evolution.”

Here’s a very brief rundown of the day-to-day meeting themes, but see here for the complete program:

Thursday, May 9

  • Diversity of systems for evolutionary gene expression
  • Systems and computational approaches to regulation

Friday, May 10

  • Endless forms most wonderful
  • Fish and chips
  • Flash talks
  • Engineering and re-engineering of regulatory systems
  • Developmental constraints and evolution

Saturday, May 11

  • Nuts and bolts of evolutionary processes — transcription
  • The life of RNA in gene expression

Sunday, May 12

  • Cellular states and modifications
  • Patterns of regulatory variation

If you are interested in getting meeting highlights from afar, keep an eye on this ever-growing Twitter list of attendees who will be tweeting about the meeting. Note: You have to have a Twitter account to see the list.

And, if you have been looking for an excuse to start a Twitter account, this event would be a good one. We’re planning to use the hashtag #ASBMBgeneXP. We’ll keep an eye out for tweets using the hashtag and retweet them.

Finally, several of the meeting organizers are on Twitter. Click on their names below to go to their profiles and follow them:

  • David Arnosti of Michigan State University
  • Ingo Braasch of Michigan State University
  • Justin Fay of Washington University in St. Louis
  • Shin-han Shiu, Michigan State University
  • Julia Zeitlinger of Stowers Institute



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