Visit the ASBMB/JBC booth at ASM Microbe 2019 in June

If you’re planning to go to the American Society for Microbiology’s meeting in June, we hope you’ll stop by the ASBMB/Journal of Biological Chemistry booth! Plenty of editorial leaders and two staffers will be on site and ready to talk with you about science, publishing and careers.

ASM Microbe 2019, to be held June 20–24 in San Francisco, is billed as “the most anticipated meeting in the microbial sciences,” and we’re definitely excited about exhibiting there.

The meeting is so huge and the speaker list is so long that we can’t look for hundreds of JBC board members in the event’s itinerary builder. However, you can go about finding JBC people who will be at the meeting a couple of different ways.

Here is a list of all the JBC board members who handle microbiology papers. There are a lot of them, and if there’s someone on the list whom you know you want to meet in real life, you can check that person’s name against the event itinerary builder.

For example, at the top of the microbiology list on JBC’s directory is Craig Cameron of The Pennsylvania State University, an associate editor. The itinerary builder indicates that Cameron is giving a talk bright and early on June 23 titled “Viral Genome Copy Number and Infection Dynamics.”

If you’re looking to connect with a JBC editor or board member with expertise in your particular area of study, start by doing a keyword search in the JBC’s editorial board directory, and then, once you have some names, use the event itinerary builder to search for those people.

For example, if you search for “malaria” in the JBC directory, you’ll find five editorial board members with that keyword in their profiles. One of them, Choukri Ben Mamoun of Yale University School of Medicine, has a poster with his name on it scheduled for presentation at the meeting on June 23.

Michael Ibba of Ohio State University is another member of the JBC editorial board who’ll be there. Here are his sessions:

JBC board member Pieter Dorrestein of UC San Diego is on the author list for seven presentations.

You see where we’re going here.

Those of you interested in learning more about careers in science communication, marketing and/or writing will be glad to know that ASBMB science writer Laurel Oldach and marketing coordinator Joanna Kotloski will be staffing the JBC booth. Don’t hesitate to drop by and ask them about their career paths and their duties at the society.

Finally, we noted (and love that) that there will be two “stretch breaks” a day through June 23. So, if you’re feeling a bit sluggish, get on down to the exhibit hall and get your stretch on.

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