Support for student travel to COMBINE 2019 meeting is available

By Michael Blinov (on behalf of the organizers)

We’re happy to announce that funds from the National Science Foundation are available to support students traveling to the 10th Computational Modeling in Biology Network (COMBINE) meeting, which will be held July 15–19 in Heidelberg (Germany).

The COMBINE’s goal is to coordinate the development of the various community standards and formats in the life sciences, with special focus on systems biology, systems medicine, synthetic biology and related fields.

Topics include:

  • Reproducibility, data exchange and model standards for systems and synthetic biology
  • Standards for personalized medicine and systems medicine
  • Data visualization and graphical notation standards for systems and synthetic biology
  • Standards for sharing and analyzing biological pathway data
  • Modeling approaches and corresponding tools and standards
  • Integrated model and data management for systems and synthetic biology
  • Emerging standardization needs for multicellular modeling
  • Semantic model annotation

More information is available at

Funds are available to cover travel, lodging, and registration fees for US-based students. To be considered for this support, applicants need to fill in an application form.

Registration deadline: 31 May 2019. Priority will be given to applicants that submit their application before the deadline, but we will continue to consider applications as long as funds are still available. URM applicants are especially welcome. No previous experience with standards and formats in the life sciences is required. Inquiries to

Looking forward to meeting you in Heidelberg in July.


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