Free ‘Guerilla’ scientist training in NYC: apply now!

The New York Academy of Sciences has teamed up with Guerilla Science (sic) and the Pratt Institute to provide free public-engagement training for scientists in New York in August and September.

The August program will be held Aug. 1–3. The September program will be held Sept. 6–8. You have until June 30 to apply for either workshop.

Here’s what you can expect at the three-day workshop:

  • Topics to be covered:  science, society and culture; audience interactions; mixing science with art, music, and play; building immersive experiences; bringing science into unusual places; and designing for equity and impact.
  • Showcase: Participants will demonstrate a public-engagement activity for their peers and then present it for the public.
  • Extras: field trips and social/networking events.

But that’s not all!

The August cohort will put on outreach activities at the Dutchess County Fair. The fair lasts from Aug. 20 through Aug. 25, but the so-called “field work” will be done on two days in that stretch.

The September cohort will conduct outreach at Photoville NYC, to be held from Sept. 12 through Sept. 22. (At the moment, the event website isn’t working, but here is the Facebook page.)

Note: Both the county fair and the photo fest are held a couple of weeks after the workshops. The logistics for out-of-towners might be challenging. Plus, there is no travel assistance.

Can’t make it? Don’t despair. Guerilla Science is always coming up with interesting events. Keep an eye on its calendar.

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