Need to improve your infographic-making skills?

By Kaitlin Roke

Interested in learning more about infographics? Looking for new ways to improve your knowledge translation skills? Want to learn how to create infographics using software you already know? Take a look at this updated, and new course created by PH SPOT

Infographics can be used to share important information using key messages and graphics. Communicating to our target audiences can be challenging, and sharing information in a new way could be helpful. 

Enrollment for the course is taking place until June 11th — but this doesn’t mean you need to complete the course during this time. As long as you’re enrolled, you can complete this course whenever is best for you.

The cost of this course is $349, and it provides you with lifetime access to the course materials. The course may be considered a professional-development activity, and thus it may be possible to have the cost covered by your workplace or adviser. Many grants require a knowledge-translation component, and a well-designed infographic could be a great way to share information with a wider audience.

If you want to sign up for the course, use the code SCICOMM to save $35!

* Let’s learn together! After the enrolment period, we will follow up to ask about interest in online group sessions this summer and fall. These sessions will provide an opportunity to ask questions, get feedback, and meet others with a passion for knowledge translation! 

Kaitlin Roke ( is an alumna of the ASBMB course The Art of Science Communication.

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