Going to the biophysics congress in Spain?

The joint meeting of the European Biophysical Societies’ Association and the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics will be held July 20–24 in Madrid. Several ASBMB members are going to be leading sessions and giving talks.

On July 20, Fabrizio Chiti of the University of Florence will give a talk titled “The structural determinants of the toxicity of misfolded protein oligomers associated with neurodegenerative diseases” and Arne Gericke of Worcester Polytechnic Institute will give a talk titled “IQGAP1 links phosphoinositide signaling to the cytoskeleton and promotes cytoskeleta reorganization.”

On July 21, Ana García-Sáez of the University of Tübingen will lead the session on trafficking and signaling .

On July 22, Eva Nogales of the University of California, Berkeley, will give a plenary lecture titled “Cryo-EM to visualize structure and dynamics of complex biological macromolecular assemblies.” Nogales is a past winner of the ASBMB’s Mildren Cohn Award. (Here’s her ASBMB award lecture.)

Later that day, Richard Epand of McMaster University Health Science Center will give a talk titled “Morphology of membrane contact sites contributes to the regulation of the phosphatidylinositol cycle.”

On July 23, Emad Tajkhorshid of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign will give a talk during a session on biomolecular simulation, and Cheng Zhu of the Georgia Institute of Technology will give a talk during a session on the biophysics of the immune response.

See the entire program.

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