Mentors needed for BioBuilderClub

Guest post | Join us as a mentor for the 2019–2020 BioBuilderClub season!

BioBuilder Educational Foundation is seeking STEM-minded, volunteer mentors to support BioBuilderClub high school students.

The BioBuilderClub engages high school teams around the world who combine engineering approaches and scientific know-how to design/build/test their own project ideas using synthetic biology.

STEM mentors serve as an important resource for teams, and provide a real-world glimpse into the possibilities of STEM research and careers.

Mentors are synthetic biology graduate students, faculty members, practicing scientists, or industry leaders.

They primarily serve as a resource for teams, particularly as they work toward their project to be exhibited at the Final Assembly event in March.

Team and mentor matches are made based on location and STEM subject matter.

Most mentoring occurs virtually, due to the diverse geographic locations in which both teams and mentors are located.

Mentors are matched with teams in November, with BioBuilder providing support to help facilitate a successful match.

The minimum time contribution expected of mentors is approximately one hour per month (October to December) and two hours per month (January to March), which may include team calls and email correspondence.

Sign-up here to be a mentor!

To learn more about BioBuilderClub, please visit our website.

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