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Guest post | Travel to scientific conferences is an important part of career development and collaboration in the field of science. As part of‘s mission to facilitate scientific discovery, it offers a travel grant each quarter of up to £500 to help cover the cost of attending a conference.

The purpose of this grant is to aid researchers in travelling to scientific conferences that they would otherwise have been unable to attend due to a lack of funds.

Eligibility criteria

These travel grants are open to Ph.D. candidates, lab managers and postdocs from academic research institutions in the U.S. or Europe. 

For a chance to win, simply complete the application form, including a summary of your research or abstract for the conference.


A team of our scientists will read all submitted research summaries/abstracts and select the winner based on which research captivates them the most.

The winner will be notified of the award by email.

About provides a range of research tools to life scientists worldwide. These tools include primary & secondary antibodies, proteins & peptides, immunoassays and kits, and other companion products.

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