The Pistoia Alliance President’s Startup Challenge

By David Proudlock, Consultant at The Pistoia Alliance

The Pistoia Alliance runs a yearly President’s Startup Challenge, as part of its commitment to supporting informatics and technology startups that focus on transforming R&D in life science. Now in its fifth year, the entry requirements for the challenge have been expanded to include digital health offerings and emerging technologies and sciences. This was an important step as more and more innovations are now happening at the interfaces between disciplines.

The Pistoia Alliance is looking to the startup community to bring their innovative solutions to the attention of its industry members. Entries for this year’s challenge close this Sunday (Sept. 15) and can be submitted here.

“The burgeoning startup communities are now working in partnership with pharmaceutical companies to help tackle the productivity crisis that has challenged the industry for many years. To further this progress, we must improve collaboration across the board, and in particular with the cutting edge startup communities which serve as a crucial resource to help transform the industry,” Steve Arlington, president of The Pistoia Alliance, said

He continued: “The President’s Challenge allows us to see firsthand the myriad innovations these startups are delivering, many of which will be important to our members in the future. The challenge enables great networking opportunities to help more companies join forces, and we are proud to support startups with the President’s Challenge prize to help ensure the fruits of their labour can impact patients.”

After all entries are submitted online; a set of judges from The Pistoia Alliance membership and associated industry experts review them. After the judging, five finalists will each win $5,000, an invitation to the Startup Support Day before the conference, and a chance to pitch their company at The Pistoia Alliance US conference on Oct. 23 in front of the members. After pitching, two winners will be selected, one by the judges and one by the audience, to receive an additional $20,000, six months of mentoring and support from a senior leader from The Pistoia Alliance membership, and a one-year membership in The Pistoia Alliance.

As the President’s Challenge continues to grow and evolve, The Alliance sees the importance and value that mentorship brings to new companies and is planning to build a pool of mentors from our membership and network to support startups and help them to thrive within the industry into the future.

Alongside the final of the President’s Startup Challenge, The Pistoia Alliance U.S. conference offers a valuable opportunity for its members to come together and discuss important developments across the pharma and life science R&D value chain. Through plenary presentations, panel discussions, breakout sessions, poster presentations and a networking reception; key themes from Lab of the Future, to artificial intelligence to Real World Data will be discussed.

To find out more about the challenge and how to enter, visit the site here.

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